Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 14, etc

May 14
My littlest and I planted some flowers for my patio table.

On another note! My camera is losing pictures!!!!! I told my husband that I thought I was missing pictures that I thought I took. He told me to watch and see. (I take some many pictures I usually don't keep close track of them, I love digital!) Well, I know I took a before picture of my son's haircut and its GONE! He had all his hair cut off yesterday afternoon to aid in his job hunt for the summer!!! It's GONE!!! I am soooo bummed!

The 2 peas challenge is to named 3 things on your desk that do not belong there.
1. two towels to keep the cat hair off my scrap supplies.
2. A trash can to block the cat from jumping onto my scrap supplies

They really do rule the world!

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