Thursday, August 2, 2007

What I did this summer

I taught myself how to make Granny Squares!
It only took 2 books, a U-tube video and countless restarts!
I confirmed that I am a visual learner. I always thought that I was but I just could not figure this out with out good pictures and the video.

This book was great! It had clear up close pictures and even I could figure out the directions! Why the bright colors? I don’t have any of these colors in my house. They were just the colors that jumped out to me when I bought yarn. One of my daughter’s best friends was over when I was working on these and said that she loved those colors and they were the colors of her room. So if it ever gets big enough to become anything I know where it can get a good home! Don’t look too close at them or as my best friend always says, “I may have to poke you in the eye!”

I also bought this book. I love the projects! This is a great book for beginners with quick easy projects that are not too overwhelming. I have been making the placemats and napkins. We are trying to make less trash around here so I plan to make several sets of the napkins for everyday use. So far I have made some Pirate placemats for the boys entertainment (Well, at least they entertain me!) and some happy summer watermelon ones. I have already bought material with cherries for another set. Again, they are a little crooked but I am going with, “It gives them personality!”

I have not scrapped much this summer. L I tend to be a little obsessive with my projects and right now it’s placemats and Granny Squares. I keep taking classes at I love, love, love these classes! This summer I took 2. I haven’t done much toward them except to save all the lessons. I feel the scrap bug coming though! I know I will be getting back to that soon! Until then here is a gift I made some time ago but just gave to my friend!

What did you do with your summer?

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